Passengers are able to collect their boarding pass, print their bag tag and tag their check-in bag.


Passengers are able to drop their check-in bag at the automated bag-drop after their identity is authenticated by the machine.


An enhanced version of the automated lanes in Terminals 1 to 3, passengers are able to scan their passport, boarding pass and fingerprint to facilitate identity checks by the automated immigration gates at T4. The automated immigration gates also use state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to authenticate the passenger's identity. This self-service function is available for passengers who are:

  • Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Long Term Pass Holders or Visitors whose fingerprints are registered with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority; and
  • At least six years old.


Passengers simply scan their boarding pass at the boarding gate and authenticate their identity with the facial recognition system. This self-service function is available to passengers who have used the automated immigration gate on the same day.

Security Screening

The centralised security screening at T4 uses new CT technology so that passengers' laptops and tablets can now stay in their bag for a seamless, hassle-free screening experience. Using an automated system, trays are presented to two passengers simultaneously at the start of the screening belt, enabling both passengers to deposit their bags at the same time. The trays are automatically returned to the start of the line after each screening cycle is completed; this improves screening efficiency and reduces waiting time for passengers.

Security Screening

What to take note of when going through security screening at T4.

Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST)

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