Immersive Wall

Located at the Centralised Security area, the LED display entertains passengers waiting at the security screening queues. This 70m by 5m LED display showcases Singapore’s skyline and Changi‘s connectivity to ASEAN destinations.

Heritage Facade

Inspired by Peranakan shophouses nestled around Singapore, this zone houses familiar traditional brands Bee Cheng Hiang, Bengawan Solo, Curry Times, Eu Yan Sang and Heavenly Wang, with heritage-themed facades, interior design and furnishings to invoke a sense of nostalgia.

Peranakan Love Story

Fitting with the heritage theme, Peranakan Love Story is a tale of two young adults set in Singapore in the 1930s. The production is done in collaboration with Singapore’s local talents and artistes including Dick Lee, Adrian Pang, Benjamin Kheng and Koh Cheng Mun.

Peranakan Love Story

Peranakan Love Story is a theatrical performance of a love story between two young adults, set in 1930s Singapore. The video is played on a 10m x 6m LED screen spanning two shopfront bays on the Peranakan façade. The digital wall transforms into a theatre, with a stage setting reflecting the living rooms of two Peranakan homes.