The centerpiece of T4, Petalclouds, is a grand-scale kinetic sculpture. It consists of six structures suspended 200m across the Central Galleria and it can be seen from the Departure Check-in Hall, Transit Area and Arrival Hall. Its movement is synchronised to animated lighting and music. Petalclouds is a complex amalgamation of art, music and science and delivers an enthralling and magical experience to its audience.

Watch the video here.

Hey, Ah Chek!

“Hey Ah Chek!” is a bronze sculpture by Cultural Medallion winner, Chong Fah Cheong. This is a figurative sculpture depicting a nostalgic scene in the 1950s of a mother and son hailing a trishaw rider after a trip to the market, is easily recognised by Singaporeans and foreigners.

Travelling Family

“The Travelling Family” is an aluminum sculpture by renowned Swiss artist, Kurt Lawrence Metzler. Mr Metzler is well-known for combining elements of the figurative and abstract to create opinionated sculptures depicting everyday life such as reading, doing business or people travelling.

Les Oiseaux

“Les Oiseaux (The Birds)” is a beautifully handcrafted stainless steel wired sculpture of three birds, by French artist, Cedric Le Borgne. One bird is perched on the ground while the other two are suspended mid-air, soaring high. The three birds symbolizes the connection between sky and earth, between dream and reality and reflects the poetry of daily life.


Petalclouds is a large kinetic installation spanning along the Central Galleria that evokes the impression of clouds moving slowly in the sky. The harmonic, collective choreography of the six identical sculptures results in a fascinating and continuous interplay of form, animated light, and reflections that can be seen from all around the terminal.